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              Series : Indoor Breakout Cable
              Model : GJBFJV
              Introduce : A type of Fiber optic Cable containing several fibers, each with its own Jacket and all of them surrounded by one common jacket. Breakout cables are designed for convenient installation of Fiber Optic Connectors but tend to have high Transmission losses due to bends in the fibers.
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              Indoor Breakout Distribution Unit Single Mode Fiber Cable with LSZH Sheath






              1. Fiber Breakout Cable Description

              Like distribution cable, breakout cable also has the same two types—breakout plenum cable and breakout riser cable. Breakout plenum cable is available for ducts, plenums and other spaces with environmental air returns, while breakout riser cable is used when installing networking fiber optic cable from indoor to outdoor.


              2. Cable Application

              · Breakout fiber optic cable is the ideal choice for installation where direct termination of fiber connector to sub-units and a direct run to fiber patch panels is desired.

              · It is used for rugged applications where maximum physical and environmental protection is needed.

              · The design of each fiber individually reinforced allows breakout cable for quick termination to connectors and not require patch panels or boxes. · Breakout cable can be more economic where fiber count isn’t too large and distances too long, because it requires so much less labor to terminate.


              3. Characteristics

              · Tight-buffered cable has gained much popularity with quick termination and low installation cost.

              · Breakout and distribution cable are two common types of tight-buffered cable that we have discussed in the text above from the aspects of structure, cable type and application, which can help you to choose the right tight-buffered cable for your need.


              4. Cable Mechanical and Technical Parameters

              Tensile strength Long term(N) 400N
              Tensile strength Short term(N) 1320N
              Crush load Long term(N) 300N/100mm
              Crush load Short term(N) 1000N/100mm
              Bending radius Dynamic 20D
              Bending radius Static 10D
              Temperature -20℃~+70℃


              5. Package

              Packing material: Wooden drum packed;

              Packing length: 2km/roll or customized.



              Tag: Indoor Fiber Optic Cable; Multitube Optic Cable; Multimode Fiber Cable.