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              Series : Indoor Distribution Cable
              Model : GJFJV
              Introduce : Fiber distribution cable is ideal for applications requiring a single termination point with multiple fibers. It has a tight buffered design so it can be installed in intra-building backbone and inter-building campus locations without expensive transitions between cable types. We supply both plenum and riser rated fiber distribution cables for indoor and outdoor installations.
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              Indoor Fiber Optic Distribution Tight Buffer Cable(GJFJV)
















              1. Fiber Distribution Cable Description
              Distribution Tight Buffer Optical Cable use 2~24 core 900μm or 600μm flame-retardant tight buffer fiber as optical communication medium.
              Then completed with a layer, nylon, PVC or LSZH material as outer jacket.


              2. Cable Application
              · Used as pigtails and patch cords;
              · Used as interconnect lines of equipments,and used as optical connections in optical communication rooms and optical distribution frames;
              · Used in indoor cabling,especially used as distribution cable.


              3. Characteristics
              · Good mechanical and environmental characteristics
              · Flame retardant characteristics meet the requirements of relevant standards
              · The mechanical characteristics of jacked meet the requirements of relevant standards
              · Soft, flexible, easy to lay and splice, and with big capacity data transmission
              · Meet various requirements of market and clients.


              4. Cable Mechanical and Technical Parameters

              Storage temperature(℃) -20+60
              Long term Min Bending Radius(mm)  10D
              Short term Min Bending Radius(mm) 20D
              Long term Min allowable Tensile Strength(N) 200
              Short term Min allowable Tensile Strength(N) 600
              Long term Crush Load (N/100mm) 200
              Short term Crush Load (N/100mm) 1000


              5. Package

              Packing material: Wooden drum packed;

              Packing length: 2km/roll or customized.


              Tag: indoor cable; fiber cable; distribution optic cable.