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              2018 China plans to lay 90000KM cable

                  China announced plans to invest $1.2 trillion in Internet projects and its infrastructure over the next 3 years. Xinhua said the Government intended to boost its economy by investing heavily in projects that would boost broadband and mobile connectivity.

                 The ministry and NDRC announced plans to lay 90,000-kilometer cables by 2018, extending the country's broadband coverage to 90%.         According to the Ministry of Technology, China has made significant investments in network infrastructure, building 2.6 million-kilometer optical cables in 2015 years, providing access to overspeed interconnection for 60% of China's broadband users. China also plans to increase its interconnection with overseas networks, which now have 80 overseas connections.        

                  As part of the ministry's release plan, the number of overseas connection points will increase to 120. The government plans not to restrain telecoms companies from developing the Internet, according to a notice issued by the Central Committee.